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Iowa State Reserve Law Officers Association

Increases penalties for an assault against people in certain occupations.

Changes property tax assessment limitations for commercial child care facilities.  

Makes changes to organization, structure, and functions of state and local governments.

Proposes a constitutional amendment to set a flat rate for individual income taxes and to require two-thirds approval of both legislative chambers for increasing tax rates.

Makes several provisions related to law enforcement.

Repeals gender balance requirements for appointed local and state government boards, councils, commissions.

Requires DOT to issue first responder identification cards without a fee.

Makes numerous changes to state boards, commissions, committees, councils, and other state government entities.

The Governor's tax bill.

Provides property tax abatement for certain volunteer emergency services providers.

Appropriates $688.5 million for the Attorney General, Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and Departments of Corrections, Public Safety, Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Inspections, Appeals and Licensing ($19.2 million increase, or 2.9%).

Eliminates individual income tax.

Makes several provisions related to taxes.

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