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Provides for discharge, educational, and workforce credits for defendants on probation.

Prohibits health insurance providers from limiting prescription drug coverage for certain individuals.

Allows non-profit hospitals to apply for a sales tax refund for certain construction projects.


Expands the list of persons authorized to withdraw a blood specimen from a person suspected of operating while intoxicated. 

Annual updates of controlled substances, and conforms schedules I, II, and IV to federal law.

Makes changes to judicial branch administration.

Increases renewal notice requirement for personal lines insurance policies from 30 days to 60 days.

Allows for warrantless inspections of retail premises selling tobacco products.

Increases the cigarette tax.

Allows an ambulance service to transport a person experiencing a mental health crisis to a mental health access center.

Makes changes to HHS processes concerning adoption information sharing, dependent adult abuse, juvenile court records, and mandatory reporter training.

Creates the Opioid Settlement Future Fund and an Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council.

Extends exception for supplying alcoholic beverages to an individual between age 18-20.

Adds grooming behavior to mandatory reporting to the Board of Educational Examiners.

Requires a utilization review organization to respond to a request for a prior authorization within a certain amount of time.

Allows a trained physician and surgeon to staff an ambulance.

Creates the social work licensure compact.

Allows a person licensed outside the state as a marital and family therapist or mental health counselor to apply for state licensure.

Authorizes DOM to administer the accountable government act.

Directs HHS to submit a Medicaid waiver request to provide coverage for certain inmates due to be released.

Makes certain fentanyl-related deaths first degree murder.

Requires certain school districts to employ security personnel and authorizes school employees to be issued weapons permits.

Amends the Iowa Hemp Act to restrict the sale of consumable hemp and set THC limits.

Makes changes to the duties of the Iowa Secretary of State in regards to the address confidentiality program and the conduct of elections.

Charges Iowa Department of Education (DE) to oversee AEA operations and changes how AEAs are funded and operate.

Removes the annual cap on the amount of Real Estate Transfer Tax funds that can be transferred to the Housing Trust Fund.

Provides a tax deduction for medical cannabidiol manufacturers and dispensaries.

Changes property tax assessment limitations for commercial child care facilities.  

Makes changes related to private wine sales and wine auction permits.

Establishes the behavioral health service system.

Creates provisions for the regulation of vapor products.

Strikes the requirement that a person be an Iowa resident in order to get a medical cannabidiol (CBD) registration card.

Makes changes to organization, structure, and functions of state and local governments.

Nullifies administrative rules relating to sports wagering and fantasy sports contests.

Proposes a constitutional amendment to set a flat rate for individual income taxes and to require two-thirds approval of both legislative chambers for increasing tax rates.

Appropriates funds from the opioid settlement fund for opioid prevention, treatment, recovery, and infrastructure activities. 

Reduces tax rates for casinos and racetracks.

Makes changes to state tax administration, including the lottery and alcoholic beverages.

Includes heated tobacco products in definition of "cigarettes" for tax purposes. 

Establishes an easy enrollment health care coverage program.

Requires Medicaid MCOs to pay providers 100 percent of items or services for which prior authorization was obtained.

Makes changes to private sector employee drug testing.

Requires tobacco device retailers to have a permit and establishes requirements and restrictions. 

Makes changes related to the certificate of need process for health facilities.

Repeals gender balance requirements for appointed local and state government boards, councils, commissions.

Expands Medicaid coverage for pregnant women and infants while adjusting the income eligibility levels.

Makes changes to requirements for ignition interlock devices for individuals convicted of operating while intoxicated.

Makes changes to certain HHS reporting requirements.

Increases the maximum number of medical cannabidiol dispensary licenses in the state.

Makes numerous changes to state boards, commissions, committees, councils, and other state government entities.

Allocates funds from the opioid settlement fund.

Makes changes to certain regulations, including alcoholic beverages.

The Governor's tax bill.

Establishes an excise tax on consumable hemp products.

Includes licensees who sell consumable hemp products under the requirements of the Dram Shop Act. 

Makes several provisions related to the duties and responsibilities of the department of revenue.

Appropriates funding for fiscal year 2025 (July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025) for various state agencies.   

Increases funding for educational programs by $32.6 million for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024 (FY 2025).  

Appropriates $2.2 billion for health and human services programs (including Medicaid) for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024 (FY 2025).  This is an increase of $63.1 million. 

Appropriates $223.2 million in gambling revenues from the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) for various infrastructure projects in fiscal year 2025 (July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025).

Recognizes the term "brain health" in order to combat stigma around mental health and encouraging early treatment and preventative measures for brain-related issues in Iowa.

Eliminates individual income tax.

Increases the maximum disregard of assets for a couple in the Medicaid Employed Persons with Disabilities (MEPD) program.

Makes several provisions related to taxes.

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