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Iowa Association of Rural Health Clinics

Imposes a tax on nicotine solution products.

Expands state sales tax exemption to all nonprofit entities exempt from federal taxation.

Repeals Mental Health Pracitioner Loan Program and adds back with both non-prescribing and prescribing providers. 

Limits the amount of noneconomic damages juries can award a plaintiff in cases against health care providers.

Changes requirements for conditional prescription certificates for licensed psychologists.

Requires midwives to be licensed beginning July 1, 2024.

Expands the psychiatric residency program by adding fellowships.

Defines direct services for health care agencies and entities for the purposes of non-compete contract clauses.

Provides for an annual automatic increase in the reimbursement rates for Medicaid providers.

Prohibits health plans, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and pharmacy benefits managers from discriminating against 340B covered entities and contract pharmacies.

Allows physician assistants to practice without being under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Enacts most of the child and family well-being initiatives backed by the Governor to improve access to rural health care, pregnancy support, contraceptive coverage, parenting support, and child care. 

Prohibits health insurance policies from including provisions that are unjust, unfair, inequitable, misleading or otherwise contrary to public policy.

Makes changes to home schooling requirements. 

Requires a person's primary health benefits plan to share an explanation of benefits with the secondary health benefits plan within 20 days. 

Makes changes related to mental health and disability services, child in need of assistance proceedings, and confinement of individuals found competent to stand trial. Designates specialties of state mental health institutions (MHIs).

Makes changes to third-party recovery duties for the Medicaid program and HMO taxation.

Makes changes related to the practice of pharmacy.

Makes changes to (and eliminates some) HHS Boards and Commissions.

Requires public schools to include the your life Iowa crisis phone and text number on student ID cards for grades 7-12.

Requires identify confirmation and eligibility testing for public benefit programs.

Prohibits Regents' institutions to use funds for diversity, equity, and inclusion purposes.

Prohibits health plans from limiting prescription drug coverage for certain individuals.

Requires Medicaid to provide 12 months of continuous postpartum coverage.

Authorizes the state licensing of rural emergency hospitals.

Expands requirements for vehicle child restraint devices.

Defines "brain health" and states it can be used interchangeably with mental illness, mental health, and behavioral health.

Allows physical therapists to refer patients for diagnostic imaging.

Changes when loan repayment is made to a qualified provider (at end of service year instead of at beginning).

Changes when loan repayment is made to a qualified provider (at end of service year instead of at beginning) and clarifies the loan repayments are made annually.

Allows health care providers to refuse to provide medical treatment or referrals if it violates the provider's religious beliefs or moral convictions.

Allows a pharmacist to dispense an epinephrine auto-injector without a prescription.

Requires tobacco device retailers to have a permit and establishes requirements and restrictions. 

Makes various changes and provisions related to school-related issues.

Makes changes to oversight for public assistance programs.

Governor's "parents rights in education" bill makes sweeping changes to sex education (no gender identity and sexual orientation discussion in elementary school), requires all high school students to pass a civics test in order to graduate, requires publishing a list of classroom materials and library books, bans school libraries from having books that describe sex acts, and more. 

Makes changes related to the certificate of need process for health facilities.

Enacts provisions to reorganize all of state government.

Prohibits health care professionals from performing gender affirming or transition procedures (including medication treatment and surgeries) on minors.

Establishes a process for a pharmacy benefits manager to participate in an on-line reverse auction.

Proposes a state constitutional amendment regarding taxes.

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