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Bill Tracker

Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Eliminates "gay panic" defense in court proceedings.

Prohibits gender identity education for students in grades kindergarten through six. Allows parents/guardians to bring civil action against schools for violations.

Provides for discharge, educational, and workforce credits for defendants on probation.

Allows a tenant to terminate a lease early if they are the victim of domestic or sexual abuse, stalking, elder abuse, or other crimes with a risk of death or injury

Makes changes to (and eliminates some) HHS Boards and Commissions.

Makes changes to school district library and educational programs.

Prohibits a court or presiding officer in a contested case from deferring to an agency interpretation of a statute or rule.

Provides for the preservation of biological evidence collected during certain criminal investigations and incarcerated witness testimony.   

Requires prosecuting attorneys make files available to individuals who have been convicted of a felony or an aggravated misdemeanor.

Makes stalking using a technology devices an aggravated misdemeanor (first offense) or class D felony (second or subsequent offense).

Makes changes related to criminal law, including the disclosure of a defendant’s privileged records, no-contact orders, commencement limitations for certain sexual offenses, sexually predatory offenses, victim rights, discovery, post-conviction relief actions, criminal appeals, and pretrial bond amounts for certain felonies.

Makes changes to property taxes and other taxes.

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