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Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Spends $623.3 million on various justice-related agencies and programs, including the Attorney General, Department of Corrections, and Department of Public Safety, for the state fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 (FY23). This is an increase of $11.2 million.


Appropriates $2.1 billion to the Departments on Aging, Public Health, Human Services and Veterans Affairs for the state fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 (FY23). This is an increase of $20.7 million (less than 1%).


Requires participation in school sports to be based on the sex at birth.


Adds sexual assault first, second and third degree to the list of offenses that require a person to appear before a magistrate before the person can be released on bail.

Makes massage therapists mandatory reporters of child and dependent adult abuse.

Reproductive Health

Establishes a Fraud in Reproduction Act, making it illegal for a doctor to act as donors in assisted reproduction without a patient's written consent and a person from giving false information to patient undergoing assisted reproduction procedures.  Does not allow a doctor to require spousal permission for a woman to get a hysterectomy.

Sex Offenses

No longer requires a finding of domestic abuse or sexual abuse before the court approves a protective order if both parties agree to the order.

Deems that the rule of evidence for sexual abuse cases applies to discovery proceedings and post-conviction proceedings.


The House, Senate and Governor's compromise tax reform bill.

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