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Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Enacts the Governor's education reform package, called the Students First Act. 

Eliminates 12-year look-back provision in determining if domestic abuse assault charges are for second or subsequent offenses.

Defines continuous sexual abuse of a child and sets requirements for offenders.

Requires mandatory reporters to report abuse of children over the age of 12.

Allows a parent to place a newborn with a non-profit adoption agency under the Safe Haven Act.

Increases penalty for an assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic abuse assault when committed against a pregnant person.

Requires public schools to include crisis phone and text number and the Your Life Iowa website on student ID cards for grades 7-12.

Requires school boards to adopt a policy that outlines the disciplinary procedures to be taken when a student threatens violence or commits an act of violence resulting in property damage, injury or assault, which must include counseling, parent meetings, placement in an alternative learning environment, suspension, and expulsion.

Increases penalties for human trafficking.

Makes changes to criminal law procedures, including a prohibition on criminal depositions until a person is indicted and providing options for a minor to be deposed without a defendant being physically present in the room.

Requires the Board of Educational Examiners to conduct criminal history registry checks on teachers every five years and makes laws related to criminal history checks apply to public, private, and charter schools.

Updates administrative rulemaking process. 

Expands eligibility for child care assistance and increases provider reimbursement rates for half-day childcare.

Requires HHS to develop a Medicaid add-on reimbursement methodology for individuals in nursing facilities who are required to register as sex offenders and report back to the Governor and Legislature by January 1, 2024.

Appropriates federal black grants received in federal fiscal year (FFY) 2024 & FFY 2025.

Limits participation in the Iowa caucuses and allows party precinct members to pick the winner of a tie-vote for state house or senate.

Property Tax Reform Agreement - Consolidation of sections of the House's original HF 1 and the Senate's SF 569.

Treats the knowing purchase or possession of more than one image of a minor engaged in a prohibited sexual act as individual offenses.  Adds offense of stalking with technological device and allows sexual exploitation of a minor charges to be filed when a law enforcement officer is posing as the minor.

Makes conforming changes to the statute of limitations provisions in the fraud in assisted reproduction act.

Makes changes to education requirements.

Prohibits a person from entering a single or multiple occupancy bathroom in a school that does not correspond with the person’s biological sex.

Requires household asset tests for SNAP and expanded eligibility verification for all public assistance recipients and applicants (SNAP,  Medicaid, HAWK-I, and FIP). 

Governor's "parent’s rights in education" bill makes sweeping changes to sex education (no gender identity and sexual orientation discussion in elementary school); eliminates inclusion of HIV, HPV, and HPV vaccines in human growth and development instruction;  requires publishing a list of classroom materials and library books; bans school libraries from having books that describe sex acts; requires parental notification for changes to pronouns/names; requires parental permission for student survey; and asserts strict scrutiny in parent’s rights. Applies to all public, charter, and innovation zone schools (but not private schools). 

Enacts provisions to reorganize all of state government.

Prohibits health care professionals from performing gender affirming or transition procedures (including medication treatment and surgeries) on minors.

Updates terminology in child labor laws and changes the work permitted for youth age 14-17 years of age.

Spends a total of $2.12 billion for health and human services programs and agencies for fiscal year 2024 (FY24), an increase of $55.3 million. 

Appropriates $669.2 million for fiscal year 2024 to the Attorney General/Department of Justice, Department of Corrections (prisons and community based corrections), State Patrol, Department of Public Safety and other justice systems programs, an increase of $36.3 million.

Appropriates $212.5 million to the state's judicial branch, including court staff and judges, for fiscal year 2024, an increase of $18.8 million. 

Makes changes to standing (automatic) appropriations.  

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