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Bill Number: SF2163
Title: Professional Licensing

This bill establishes universal licensing, registration, and certification (recognizing all other state licenses, for all professions) as long as the person has "substantially equivalent licensure requirements as determined by the appropriate licensing board" and has been licensed in another state for at least one year, has passed an exam, has not had their license revoked (or has not voluntarily surrendered it), does not have complaints or investigations against them for unprofessional conduct, has not been disciplined by another state's board, pays all applicable fees, and doesn't have a criminal history that would prevent them from practicing in Iowa.  States that the person is subject to Iowa's laws regulating the practice of their profession.  Licensing boards may still require criminal history checks, and this legislation does not change other interstate compacts.  Establishes an Occupational Licensing Advisory Committee (ten legislators and three members appointed by Governor and confirmed by Senate).   Sunsets all state licensing boards over five years: 2022 (Boards of medicine, physician asistants, engineering/land surveying, shorthand reporters, architects/landscape architects), 2023 (Boards of dentistry, barbering, cosmetology, massage therapy, athletic training, physical/occupational therapy), 2024 (nursing, nursing home administrators, speech pathologists/audiologists, hearing aid specialists, sign language interpreters, respiratory care/polysomnography), 2025 (pharmacy, chiropractic, optometry, podiatry, psychology), and 2026 (Boards of veterinary medicine, accountancy, real estate, plumbing, fire protection system installers).  The review board is to submit a bill implementing their recommendations by January 1 of the year boards sunset (the bill is unamendable, except for corrective changes).  The options the review board can submit: 1) extend sunset 5-10 years; 2) extend sunset 5-10 years with modifications; 3) allow board to sunset but provide explanation for reason.  Outlines the procedure for a sunsetting board. Includes "sunrise" requirement; the review board is to review all legislation that creates a new occupational license, registration, certification, or change to existing license and determine if the requirements are the "least restrictive necessary to ensure public safety."   Requires a review of all administrative rules of each board, dubbed the "Iowa Right to Earn a Living Act," effective upon enactment.  Review is to identify whether the rules are 1) required by law; 2) necessary for protection public health, safety, welfare; 3) unnecessarily inhibits competition or restricts entry into a profession; 4) is least restrictive to accomplish goal; 5) is outside the scope of the board's statutory authority. Review board can force change in rules.

Status: Assigned to Committee
Committee: Senate State Government Committee
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