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Bill Number: SF64
Title: Green Alert Program

Creates green alert program for missing veterans-at-risk. Requires law enforcement to issue a public alert similar to an AMBER alert for missing and abducted children. Criteria for a green alert include: a report of a missing veteran-at-risk provided to law enforcement within 72 hours of the veteran's disappearance; (2) there is reason to believe the veteran may be missing as a consequence of a physical or mental health condition that is related to the veteran-at-risk’s military service; and (3) there is sufficient information to disseminate a green alert to the public that could assist in locating the missing veteran-at-risk. 

Status: Assigned to Committee
Committee: House State Government Committee
Recent Action: 2/20 - Passed Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (10-0; 1 absent) 3/25 - Passed Senate (50-0)
Companion Bills: HF424
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