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Bill Number: SF501
Title: Medical Cannabidiol (Senate Version)

Removes requirement that multiple sclerosis be accompanied by by severe and persistent muscle spasms, and replaces untreatable pain with severe or chronic pain. Adds post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions allowing a patient to receive a medical cannabidiol registration card. Allows a health care practitioner to certify a patient to receive a medical cannabidiol registration card for any other medical condition for which the health care practitioner determines the use of medical cannabidiol would be medically beneficial.  Allows ARNPs and PAs to authorize use. Allows the DPH to issue a registration card to any patient that is in inpatient hospice care.  Adds two patients with valid medical cannabidiol cards to the Medical Cannabidiol Board, and requires the board to convene up to 8 times per year (currently four). Allows the delivery of medical cannabidiol to a patient's home (but board is to establish circumstances when this is appropriate and set appropriate controls).  Requires manufacturers to neutralize plant material waste with a chemical (like bleach) prior to transporting to a solid waste disposal facility.  States that the use of medical cannabidiol is not subject to federal regulation.  Takes DOT out of the process; IDPH will issue cards instead.  No changes to THC limits.  Similar to HF732.

Status: Assigned to Committee
Committee: Senate Judiciary Committee
Recent Action: 3/5 - Passed Senate Judiciary Committee (11-4) 4/4 - Reassigned to Senate Judiciary Committee
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