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Bill Number: SF538
Title: IHWP Community Engagement

Requires DHS to submit a waiver request to CMS (by October 1, 2019) to require Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHWP) members participate in community engagement activities in order to remain eligible. This applies only to the Medicaid expansion population members, not to those on traditional Medicaid or on HCBS waivers. Acceptable community engagement activities include at least 20 hours a week working, volunteering, work program activities, or PROMISE JOBS programing.  It is unclear if going to school is acceptable under this. Individuals exempt from this requirement include: persons medically certified as “physically or mentally unfit for employment,” pregnant, parent/caretaker responsible for dependent child under one year of age, parent/caretaker of a dependent child with a serious medical condition or disability, person receiving unemployment compensation, or participant in a drug or alcohol treatment and rehabilitation program.  This bill will be amended on the Senate Floor - see SF 434.

Status: Assigned to Committee
Committee: House Human Resources Committee
Recent Action: 3/6 - Passed Senate Labor and Business Relations Committee (6-5) 3/19 - Passed Senate (32-17)
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