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Bill Number: SF2341
Title: Older Iowan/Dependent Adult Crimes

Establishes several new crimes against older (age 60+) and dependent adults.  Penalties for assault against an older individual range from simple misdemeanor to a Class D felony depending on the circumstances of the assault. Enhances the penalties for the theft against an older individual (increasing all by a degree).  Adds penalties for elder abuse (ranging from serious misdemeanor to a Class C felony depending on the circumstances and resulting injuries). Creates crime of financial exploitation of an older individual, ranging from serious misdemeanor to a Class B felony based on the amount of benefits, property, resources, belongings, or assets of the older individual involved.  Moves crime of dependent adult abuse to different area of code.

Status: Assigned to Committee
Committee: House Judiciary Committee
Recent Action: 2/18 Passed Senate Judiciary Committee (15-0) 3/11 Passed Senate (46-0)
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