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HF2579: Infrastructure/RIIF Budget


Appropriates $175.1 million from the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF) and Technology Reinvestment Fund (TRF), for the state fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 (FY23).   RIIF and TRF are funded with revenues generated from gambling. No Change: Maintains funding for water quality initiative ($8.2 million total, $3 million of which was shifted from general fund), Great Places ($1 million), State Housing Trust Fund ($3 million), regional sports authority districts ($500,000), ChildServe improvements ($750,000), lakes ($9.6 million), public transit ($1.5 million), commercial airports ($1.9 million), and sports tourism marketing ($1.5 million).  Increases: Increases funding for the Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program by $7 million ($10 million total), Community Attractions & Tourism grants by $5 million ($10 million total), Sports Tourism by $10.5 million ($12 million total), state parks by $3 million ($5 million total), water trails by $500,000 ($1.5 million total), recreational trails by $1 million ($2.5 million total), and railroad revolving loan and grant fund by $1 million ($2 million total).  New Funding: Adds new appropriations for On With Life outpatient therapy center construction ($1 million), Nitrogen Modeling System ($1 million), National Junior Olympics held in Des Moines ($150,000), State Fair barn renovation ($6 million in FY23, $6 million in FY24), and enhancement of DIA's health facilities database ($250,000). Other Changes:  Limits state share of the costs to furnish a renovated or new courtroom, office, or courthouse to 75%. Makes buildings purchased by counties from the federal government eligible for funding from the Vacant Building Demolition Fund and the Vacant Building Rehabilitation Fund, with priority to those who have not already received funds from these programsRequires the Department of Transportation to establish a DART advisory committee to explore funding options that are an alternative to raising property taxes (recommendations 12/15/2022). Sports Tourism: Changes the name of the Sports Tourism Program to the Sports Tourism Marketing and Infrastructure Program, and allows infrastructure projects to get money under the program. Projects already receiving reimbursement under a sales tax rebate or in a reinvestment district are ineligible for this new funding. Funds are awarded only after financing for a project is secured and documented, and the applicant can demonstrate city, county, or private match. Take effect July 1, 2022. Changes to the vacant building funds take effect upon enactment.  More details can be found at:


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