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HF2575: Education Budget


Appropriates $992.9 million for the Department of Education, College Student Aid Commission, Department for the Blind, and state universities, for the state fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 (FY23).  This is an increase of $20.5 million. College Student Aid Commission: No change in funding for the Health Care Professional Recruitment Program ($500,973), which as amended this year includes ARNPs, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, and athletic trainers. Increases funding for Rural Primary Care Loan Repayment Program by $780,431 for physicians practicing in rural areas ($2.5 million total), Health Care Loan Repayment Program by $250,000 for ARNPs, nurses, nurse-educators, and physician assistants ($500,000 total), and the Future Ready Iowa Last Dollar Scholarship Program by $922,261 ($23.9 million total). Adds new appropriation for the Mental Health Practitioner Loan Repayment Program if HF 2549 is enacted ($520,000).  Department of Education: Increases funding for vocational rehabilitation by $120,000 to draw down more federal funds (total $6.1 million), Jobs for America's Graduates/iJAG by $3.5 million to expand into more schools ($8.1 million total), Best Buddies by $10,000 to expand into more schools ($35,000 total), school-based children's mental health training through AEAs by $200,000 ($3.8 million total), community colleges by $6.5 million ($221.7 million total), state universities by $5.5 million ($486 million total), Iowa School for the Deaf by $300,000 to reflect 2.5% growth in school funding ($11.1 million total), Iowa Braille & Sight Saving School by $113,552 to reflect 2.5% growth in school funding ($4.7 million total), and Therapeutic Classroom Incentive Fund by $725,307 ($2.4 million total). Eliminates funding for Iowa Public Radio ($345,669) and cuts funding to the Iowa Reading Research Center by $950,176 ($600,000 total). No change in funding for Iowa libraries, Early Childhood Iowa/School Ready Grants, community college infrastructure, and therapeutic classroom transportation. No change in distribution of the Skilled Worker & Jobs Creation Fund.  Other: Increases Department for the Blind by $112,779. Makes technical changes to the Iowa Geologic Survey. Prioritizes grants for therapeutic classrooms (first priority is continuation of current grants, second priority is for those that are collaborating and partnering with one or more schools/AEAs). Makes changes in funding distribution for charter schools (requires the per pupil calculations for charter school students who were not counted in the district of residence enrollment to be paid by the Department of Education directly to the charter schools instead of being paid by the student’s school district of residence; requires the per pupil calculations for charter school students who were counted in the district of residence enrollment to be paid by the Department of Education directly to the charter schools for the school year (with the amount paid deducted from the payments to the district of residence in the following year; requires the school district of residence to pay to a charter school the actual costs of providing appropriate special education as itemized and delivered to the district by the charter school on or before February 15 and July 15 of each year).  Takes effect July 1, 2022. Charter school changes take effect upon enactment. More information at:

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