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HF2559: Justice Systems Budget


Spends $623.3 million (increase of $11.2 million) on various justice-related agencies and programs, including the Attorney General, Department of Corrections, and Department of Public Safety, for the state fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 (FY23). Also spends another $18.4 million from other funds, an increase of $50,000.  Attorney General: Increases funding for salaries by $168,861 and adds $202,060 to improve cybersecurity. No change in funding or language for victim assistance grants ($5,016,708).  No change in funding for the Office of Consumer Advocate. Department of Corrections: Increases funding for prisons ($16.8 million) and community based corrections ($6.1 million). Adds $8.6 million to pay for increased cost of pharmaceuticals at Oakdale and increases funding for county confinement $112,684 to pay for the increased cost of holding parole and work release violators. Increase of $24,333 for Civil Rights Commission (total $1.3 million), $30,179 for Criminal Juvenile Justice Planning (total $1.3 million), and $19,075 for the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (total $1.2 million). No change in funding for Office to Combat Human Trafficking ($201,000) and Scott County grant to deter juvenile delinquency through early intervention ($140,000).  Other: Increases contract attorney fees by $3/hour in the public defender's office ($629,383 added to pay for this increase). Creates a Juvenile Justice Improvement Fund for savings from Title IV-E (Families First) would be deposited and used for investment in child welfare services. Adds new funding for a Wellness Coordinator in the Department of Public Safety ($119,184). Detail can be found at:

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Last Modified: 06/28/2022

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