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Bill Tracker

Bill Number: HF756
Title: Federal Funding Appropriations

Directs how $360.9 million in federal block grants are to be spent over the next two federal fiscal years. Unless otherwise noted, the appropriations are per year and are the same for both FY20 and FY21.   Department of Justice: $1.75 million for Stop Violence Against Women block grant (of which 10% can be used for administration).  Department of Public Health: $13.1 million in substance abuse block grants, requires at least level funding for amounts spent on treatment for pregnant women and children, and directs that at least 20% is to be used for prevention ($2.6 million).  $6.5 million for maternal/child health programs, including funding for child health specialty clinics and $300,291 for a statewide perinatal program.  $1.85 million for preventive health initiatives and requires a federally-designated amount go to services for victims of sexual abuse and rape prevention.  Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy: For residential substance abuse treatment for state prisoners in FY 20 ($111,815) and FY 21 ($247,561).  Department of Human Services: $5,377,612 for community mental health block grants to community mental health centers.  No changes in distribution (70% of the service portion of the funds continue to go to CMHCs for staff training and services to adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance).  Additional language was added to require DHS compile grantee first quarter reports and submit a comprehensive report on the use of these funds by 2/20/20.   Funds for community mental health block grant are expected to be higher this year (about $1.4 million more).  Of that, DHS receives $270,000 (5%) for administration, with the remaining amount ($5.1 million) going to fund the requirements of the block grant (of which 70% - or $3.6 million - goes out to CMHCs).  $15.3 million from the Social Services Block Grant for DHS field operations ($5.4 million), child and family services ($8.3 million), local services ($577,636), and volunteers ($63,241).  $69.2 million for initiatives that assist in the transition from homelessness. Community Action Agencies (CAA): $7.74 million for community services, of which 94% is to be used for programming helping low income Iowans (each CAA must receive at least $100,000). $54.55 million for the low income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP), of which 15% ($8.2 million) is to be used for weatherization and home repair.  Community Development Block Grants (CDBG):  $25 million to the Economic Development Authority.  Transportation: $158.6 million from the surface transportation block grant. Effective 7/1/19.

Status: Signed
Recent Action: 3/27 - Passed House Appropriations Committee (23-0; 2 absent) 4/4 - Passed House (96-0) 4/17 - Passed Senate Appropriations Committee (20-0; 1 absent) 4/22 - Passed Senate with amendment (49-0) 4/23 - House Concurred (99-0) 5/13 - Signed by Governor


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