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Bill Tracker

Bill Number: HF208
Title: Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Establishes an opioid abuse prevention and treatment workgroup. Imposes 5 percent excise tax on the gross receipts of schedule II controlled substances to support an opioid abuse prevention and treatment fund to expand access to opioid use disorders treatment. Requires packaging for certain opioids contain a label including information regarding the dangers of opioid use and abuse and the risks of addiction and overdose beginning January 1, 2020. Requires emergency physicians to receive training on mental illness and substance use disorders as a condition of license renewal. Requires county jail administrative officers ensure that prisoners receiving MAT for substance use disorder continue to receive treatment while in jail. Requires Medicaid to deign benefit plans to promote the effective, evidence-based prescription and use of opioids.

Status: Assigned to Committee
Committee: House Human Resources Committee


Last Modified: 03/07/2019
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